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Supercell Comic

I finally figured out why, even though I enjoy streaming and it's useful because it keeps me on task, it's been so tough for me to just do it a bunch. And it's because so much of my work is either A- the comic, which I shouldn't be streaming much of because people are all uppity about spoilers or whatever; or B- art things I can get done in like 20 minutes to an hour, which isn't a whole lot of time, so it's not super worth it. The Lackadaisy work has given me a nice outlet for it but I kept planning my days around that and it ended up just being easier to stream directly in the production server rather than set up the whole public performance thing.

So I think what that means is, I need something specific to do for a sustained amount of time, like at least 3-4 hours, that I should tackle as part of the theme for my streaming shenanigans. A goal, if you will, that I can pursue as part of the premise. I'll see if I can work something out and then try and establish a consistent streaming schedule for real. That'll probably only happen after Lackadaisy wraps up, but at least now I know what the issue is and can fix it 8D

Now go make fun of Kheil for being a dipstick XD