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Supercell Comic

I was actually gonna post something else here today, but this bit aggressively invaded my brain yesterday and I just needed to get it out of my system. I don't know how many people will find it as funny as I do but I cannot help but giggle at it all the time now, lol.

Now, on to the important updates. Lackadaisy is wrapped! I have learned of a release date, but I'm not allowed to tell you it! Just know that it is imminent and you should look out for it *eyes emoji!* Additionally, with the ebook released, I'm not having to slave a way at that incessantly, and I've almost cleared out my commissions queue! You know what that leaves me with? Time! I've been resting and recovering over the past week, but I should resume comic work in the next few days, starting with writing the last chapter of the current book. I really wasn't a fan of what happened with these previous two where I was basically writing every scene as it came up. It was an exhausting sprint, so I'm changing strategy this time around. The plan is to write and thumbnail as much of the chapter as I can over like a month and THEN start working on production. This should theoretically allow me to speed up the actual making of pages, so we'll see how it goes! In the mean time, you'll be getting some fun tidbits like this!

If you have not yet grabbed a copy of the StoryBundle ebook of the comic, please consider giving it a go!