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Supercell Comic

I have a new PSU!! And it works hella great. Here's hoping I don't run into any more PC trouble any time soon lol.

Now about this page. This is where I'm hoping to start driving home the realization that she doesn't really have the tools to deal with this. It's a situation I think most people would find tricky to navigate because there are a ton of ways to approach something but it's hard to isolate what the best one might be or if there's even a way to address it without making things worse. This scene has gotten some interesting and very different reactions from people, but so far no one's accused me of bad writing, so I guess I'm doing ok XD No, but for real, it's been neat to watch people from different walks of life wanting to approach this whole situation differently and hearing their thoughts on whether they agree or not and why. Needless to say, I'm having fun X3