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Supercell Comic

UPDATE!!! I realized that the comic's 6th anniversary is coming up next week! So instead of an update I'm gonna post some new art that day linking to a youtube livestream where I'll be making celebratory art and answering questions about whatever you like! I'm still figuring out how to set stuff up, so I'll share links and stuff when the time comes. Hope I see you there ^^

I may have worked on this page a lot more than it was necessary, but ya know what? It's sweet! So, worth it XD

Also, I've consulted with a bunch of peeps and it seems like setting up a landing page for the comic might be a good idea. I'm not sure when I'll be able to set that up, but it's coming! But don't worry, I'll be keeping a ''latest'' page active so people can just bookmark that and visit it directly every time there's an update.

Also, the comic's 6th anniversary is coming up on the 15th! If anyone has any suggestions for something you'd like me to do to mark the occasion, I'm all open to ideas! I'm currently brainstorming on my end.