Supercell Comic

Supercell is back babeis!
And it's not just back, I actually succeeded on my threat of writing a bunch of stuff ahead of time. On previous breaks that's always been a struggle and I ended up not doing enough, but I actually have the rest of the chapter (four scenes) ready to go. For the most part, all I gotta do from here until it wraps up is make pages and not worry about much else. I'm actually even a little bit ahead of the curve on that since I've been able to get working on those several days earlier than I had been, so with some timing based luck, I should be able to get even more done before it needs to go live.
Now, let' check in on Al and see how she's doing.

OH, RIGHT!! So during the break I had a chance to sit down and really think about what I wanted to do with the comic going down the line, and one of the things that came up is that there were some aspects about some of the characters' designs that I had never truly been satisfied with. My skill as a character designer and artist in general just wasn't there yet when I first started the comic. So I've gone in and made some adjustments. I don't think anything will be quite as major as oz's proportions becoming more plushie like and giving him paws, which I had already done. But here we see the first of these updates. A starker color palette for Al, and although you can't see it yet, she has more gecko/amphibian looking feet now. If you've taken a look at her model sheet in the goodies page you'll have already seen that. I'm gonna be updating a bunch of the art in there as well as earlier pages to match the updates, since I was already in the process of doing that anyway. Enjoy the new looks ^^