Updates on Mondays

Supercell Comic

We have finally reached the end of this monster of a scene! Not only was it around 20 pages long, it also had like four different, important things I needed established/developed/setup/paid off and it completely destroyed my brain the process. But the end result has been very gratifying!

By the by! A Tazho model sheet has now been added to the goodies page!

About the break: As some of you may know, I recently lost my job. I'm not in trouble or anything, so please don't worry about that. The good news is I actually had another opportunity lined up through sheer luck of the draw. I'm currently doing training for it and it's been really tough balancing my time between that, the comic, and the work I do for the Lackadaisy animated short (which, by the way, is looking fantastic and I cannot wait for you guys to see it).
In the inrest of full disclosure, I should say that I'm not actually unable to manage it all time wise. I can make pages pretty fast without cutting into my contractual responsibilities. But it did get really tough recently because I've been having to do both: make pages AND write ahead. It's become unsustainable.

The plan right now is to use the time I normally would to make pages and use it to write instead. See, trying to write and page pages at the same time is slow and inefficient. Having big swaths of writing done ahead of time frees my mind up to make pages in bulk, but I haven't had that in a long time. So, since there's only like four or five, much shorter scenes left in this chapter, I figured I would sit down and get all of that done so the path forward is more under control. There's one scene in particular that I have to handle with absolute, surgical precision and I don't want to be figuring that one out as I go. It's too important and I think you'll all see why when it comes out.

I'd like to thank you all for bearing with me. I know the comic's been taking a bunch of breaks in the past couple of years. I'm not happy about it. So it really means the world to me that you're still around and enjoying my work.

In the mean time, take a look at this Lackadaisy sneak peek! The shot that starts at 0:19 is the first one I got to work on as a clean up animator X3.