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Supercell Comic

And now we're back to our regularly scheduled entertainment! Thank you, everyone, for breaing with me all throughout. I really need to teach myself how to say no to myself more when it comes to getting pulled toward other projects on a whim. Between having a job, the webcomic, the Lackadaisy project, my 3k follower art raffle on twitter (which my galaxy brain extended to 11 ones) and the 3D projects earlier in the year; it's been a sustained sprint for a lot of that. I'm almost finished with the raffle winners by now, but unfortunately for me I'm at the cusp of hitting 4k, too, but I have learned my lessing and will cap that to a reasonable amount of winners lol. And once Lackadaisy wraps up I'll be back to a workload that a normal person can be expected to hold.

In the mean time, I hope you guys are enjoying what I AM able to provide, even if I run out of gas ever so often ^^;