Supercell Comic

So I've been in talks with a bunch of people in my audience (which includes both: readers of the comic and people who just follow my art in general) about a growing interest in me, potentially, creating an adults only space that's a bit more accessible to interested parties than a private twitter account. I'm very on the fence about it for two reasons. One is that the comic, which is my main body of work, is distinctly not NSFW in nature and while I don't particularly have an issue with NSFW content, nor do I care to have people think of me as a purely uwu fluff artist, I do have some concerns about the way that the internet stupids™ handle subjects like that. Not to mention the fact that while the NSFW community has a lot of truly amazing people in it, there's also a lot mind crushingly bad creeps and nobody likes dealing with that, ya know? And two, it's super rare that I actually make such content, and even then, it's usually just on commission. So anyone hoping for me to generate my own NSFW content on the regular is probably SOL lol.
That said, maybe the point isn't for it to be a space for me, personally, but for adults who follow my work to have an area where they can talk interact with my work on a different light, which I wouldn't have an issue with.
IDK maybe I'm overthinking it. I have other stuff to worry about rn anyway, so if any of this materializes it will be a ways down the line lol