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First thing is I want to say about this page is that I'm gonna come back and rework it a little bit later down the road, and... probably the next few pages, too, if this one was any indication. When I got to that big panel, I ran up against a bunch of art problems that evidenced my lack of skill in being able to create the kind of dramatic lighting I was going for. Not to mention a lot of the detailing I did on the background was lost to my not knowing how to control for that. So, like... I'm happy with how the page turned out, but I know I can make it more impactful and I want to train my art skills to that point so I can do this moment the kind of justice I want out of it XD

That said, everyone who's read the page so far has had the reaction I was hoping for, and I am immensely pleased, hehe. I hope that pattern holds and that you enjoy it just a much X3

As of right now, there are five pages left to go on the scene/chapter before the comic goes on break, and I'm almost done planning and organizing what I'm gonna be doing for that, as well as what I'm gonna be jumping on to get the money I need to get out of financial trouble XD So stay tuned!