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Good morning lovelies! I hope y're all doing well, today. I am! I'm gonna start streatming in maybe a couple of hours and then stream aaaaaall the way till 6pm. I need to finish a big commission and streams are the most surefire setup to do that without getting distracted. Public scrutiny is a pretty effective real time motivator, lol. Once I'm done with that, I'll be able to start pushing out the bunch of smaller, simpler commissions I have lined up and I'll be on my way to acquiring the money necessary to pay my taxes ^^; I'm still working out the details of what all I'm doing besides that, but rght now things are looking feasible. Speaking of which, to those of you who have thrown some money my way via ko-fi, THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much omg, I actually got kind of emotional about those when I saw them and I wanted you to know that it means the world to me. Not even because of the financial support although right now that's super important, but like... the fact you enjoy my work that much is something that always catches me off guard, so like... I'm surging with joy now XD Oh, and I hope you guys liked my perspective tutorial, which is a totally serious tutorial lol.