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Supercell Comic

I have an announcement for an announcement today!

I can't give you any specific details at the moment because reasons, but Book 1 of the comic (first 255 pages) are getting their first third-party publishing soon! I'll share more about where that's happening and how it came about over the next month or so, since it's happening sometime in March. For now, though, I can share that it's going to come in the form of an ebook, and I've been working... so... much... for the past few weeks to get everything ready.

In my efforts to polish stuff like dialog where, historically, readers found something unclear, I've run into a weird little dilemma that's involving more decision making than I'd like.

As you all likely know, there is no concept of gender in Supercell. At least not nearly in the same way we have one irl. There couldn't be. They have a general notion of reproductive compatibility but that tells you nothing about a person, especially when no one can reliably guess any kind of sex just by looking at someone.

So, there's a part of me that wants to eliminate gendered language wholesale, but in the same way that reading names like Thotzev Zhtatzgha takes people out of the story momentarily because they're trying to figure out what they're reading or how to pronounce it (my bad), the reality is that most contemporary English speakers (and any subsequent translations this comic gets), aren't really speaking in they/them terms 100% of the time and if I went that direction, it would stick out, and not in a way I think benefits the story.

I really wish I wasn't on a limited time frame to make this call lol. Decisions...