Supercell Comic

Over the weekend, I made an art piece (which will be uploaded to the site at some point, but right now it's just on twitter) which made me think I may have jumped the gun with the new Al colors. I originally wanted to have made a decision by the time the break was over so she could have the updated color palette right away, but now I'm thinking I didn't explore the subject as much as I should have. Since she won't show up again for a bit, this is probably the best time to iron that out so I can update all the art accordingly. I've put together a rough, here, trying out a new setup. This is by no means approximating a final, necessarily, I'm trying to gauge audience reactions and get some extra thoughts on it. If you'd like to suggest something yourself, you're more than welome to!

So far, my initial thoughts on this is that the pink is maybe out of place. I thought I liked it in the one pic, but that may have just been contextual. I really dig the gradients going down the limbs to break up the monotony of the main body, followed by the sharper contrast cuts around the fingers and toes, though, so I'll probably lean into that a bit. And on the Discord server, the idea of highlighting the fin structure seems popular and I'm inclined to agree. Overall, the OG seems like it's still strongest, but could be pushed some.

Btw I think I'm gonna be updating this image throughout the week so y'all can keep up with the updates, so check in every so often if you'd like to see how things are going!