Updates on Mondays

Supercell Comic

This page was neat because it allowed me to try out some new tricks to see how I'd feel about them in my workflow. First it was the sylized background, which I could see myself working toward because it eliminated the lineart portion of it, which is the one that usually takes the longest. The other was using the lasso tool to draw effects, which I'm happy to say I'm definitely gonna be revisiting because that is one of the best ones I've drawn yet, I think! I'm also trying to do lineart at a slightly more zoomed out level to see if it makes much of a difference because being up close and getting detailed is not great for saving time.

By the by, I've updated the Goodies page. I reorganized some images around so they make more sense. Stuff like individual character images and the AU illustrations being more or less grouped together. I'm still figuring out the optimal layout, but for now I'm a bit happier with it. More importantly, there's a bunch of new art you guys probably haven't seen, like age line ups for the main trio 8D Behold: