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Supercell Comic

Hi guys! Some of you may have noticed I completely failed to stream last Friday. This is because I spent the whole day thinking it was Thursday because my brain went smooth on me 8D So this time I've set a reminder and will be live most of the day at my Twitch channel and do some Lackadaisy clean up work!

In other news, along with today's update, I also posted a bunch of new art on the Goodies page. Including a goofy pic I did for #Mermay where Kheil and Oz are mermaids but Al isn't because lol I guess, some speculative drawings of what Kheil and Al might look like in their 20s, which for some reason also prompted me to do human versions of them in their 20s, and also one of 20s Kheil discovering hobbies other than being a good little soldier lol. Idk, I got real hyped about that whole trend. I did technically do a 20s Oz; twice even; but I just wasn't happy with it so I'll wait till I do one I actually like. Lastly, I also added some character shots of Zaegon, Tarafi and Ziil, three of the more popular background characters that have shown up so far. So go check'em out!