Supercell Comic

So a fun thing happened yesterday. I'm putting together some fun new art things, including character model sheets for the main cast. While I was drawing Oz, I couldn't help but feel really bad about it because it just wasn't clicking right. Then I realized that, because it's a model sheet and I have to save space, I couldn't draw his tail in, leaving only a generic human form behind. It finally dawned on me after all these years that when I originally set out to design him, I had a specificl goal in mind, but due to my lack of vocabulary and artistic skill at the time, my attempts looked dumb and I fell back into just drawing him as the version you currently know. The original intent for his design had somehow fallen through the cracks, and I spent the rest of the time trying to make up for it with specific clothing choices and accessories in art outside of the comic. Needless to say, that suck! But now that I've become aware of it I'm so, so hyped because that means I can do something about it.

See, something people don't discuss a lot when talking about webcomics is that it's ultimately a digital product and can be updated on the fly as necessary. I've already done so for the first chapter, in fact. Now I get to do it again, once I go in and polish Oz's design to match his original intent.

Does that mean anything right now? Yeah, kind of. It means he's gonna look a little bit different starting on page 475, and then will be subsequently updated retroactively throughout the comic as I do a polish pass on that as well. Don't worry, he's not gonna look like a different character or anything, but he's definitely gonna have more of a personal aesthetic than just ''generic human with a big tail.'' I'll post all three of the main kids' character sheets when I finish his ^^