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Supercell Comic

So. Are you ready for my big announcement? Gud. 'Cuz I'm finally gonna make it. Next week.

Haha no, I kid, I kid. But I am making it quietly here before I take to social media where all hell breaks loose. As of last Wednesday I have joined the Lackadaisy animation team, AKA the Lackacrew, to help bring the animated short to life!! It's been a fun experience so far, but I can't show anything I've done yet (Although I might get to stream my work on it sometime, we'll see). For those of you who might not know, Lackadaisy is a webcomic by Tracy J Butler about cats in 1920s St Louis and it's about a murder mystery surrounding a speakeasy. Go check it out, fall in love with the gorgeous artwork, and look forward to the short coming out! Everyone is hard at work to make it happen. The project director is @Fablepaint and the producer is none other than the legenrady Spike Trotman.

Get hype!