Updates on Mondays

Supercell Comic

My potential announcement is still up in the air atm, so let's talk comicshop for a bit. Over the last few pages, I'd been experimenting with the way I do backgrounds because I gotta tell ya, sketching stuff in perspective is fun and cool, and cool and fun, but doing lineart? Eeeeeeeegh, so I've been trying out ways of circumventing some stuff. In some cases I'm doing very basic, blured out paintings, which is great for simpler shots, in some cases I've been tryint to only do very simple perspective stuff with the rulers and then freehanding a bunch of stuff. In this page, that bottom left panel was all painted in directly over a loose sketch. It didn't go quite as smoothly as I thought it would, sadly, so I'm not gonna try that method again for a while. I'm currently still trying different things, but it's become more of a process. The next few scenes should really showcase that.