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Supercell Comic

Welcome back everyone! The comic resumes updates today!!

As you may have noticed, some stuff looks slightly different. That's because I've made some adjustments to the website here and there (Actually kinda rebuilt it from scratch because the old code was disorganized af). The reason is because, as you may have noticed, the comic pages are bigger now! The old code didn't really let me do that too well, so I made it a little more fluid. It's not quite what you would call Responsive Design™ but it should be slightly more comfortable on various devices and resolutions.

I don't know if I mentioned this one, but Chapter 1 of the comic has unofficially achieved Second Edition! <insert jazz hands> That means that if you go back and re-read it, you'll find that I've cleaned up a bunch of the art and polished the dialog in places! I originally planned to just update the hands so everyone, within reason, got a full set of five fingers instead of the four I started the comic with, but some of those faces... yikes. Anyway, I ended up redrawing faces, adjusting colors, sometimes I just straight up deleted entire panels and did them over from scratch. However, the most important updates are in the dialog. There were things I felt like I could lean into more, or make clearer-- That second big is especially important to me-- But also, something I didn't realize at the time is that some of the background characters were going to reinsert themselves into my script, so now I'm making sure to name drop them so people can say Zaegon instead of "that yellow guy with the orange spikes." I'm still gonna do the quasi-adopt thing one day, but right now I need to tie down a lot of stuff. I will be updating the whole comic's page sizes over the next few weeks and once that's done, I'll begin working on an official second edition, where the goal will be to have solid and polished conlang and generally make everything ready for a potential print run some day ^^

Now, site updates. Most of everything is exactly the same, but I did temporarily remove the "support" page because I kept forgetting to update it, and it was just sort of taking up space and doing nothing. I'll bring it back when I have something to show for realsies. Most importantly, if you go into the comic's archive page, you'll find that there are now chapter folders. Which means if you have a slower internet connection you don't have to try and load all 450+ pages all in one go. I fully intend to do nice little art covers for them, but for the time being I just put up the placeholders to get the structure done. I'm also working on cleaning up the Goodies page right now!

And now, without further ado. Your dinner!