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So this page really took a lot out of me lol. Having to come up with three individual scenarios and then finding just the right composition for them was tough enough on their own but then actually executing them and getting them to a point where I felt like they made the impact they needed to make was an onslaught! Normally pages take me AT MOST 10 hours to do, this one got closer to 18 and a lot of that was spent just at the initial sketching and cleaning up those ideas and then meticulously painting them in manually because I'm smart and I thought I was accomplishing something by doing that instead of doing it the way I normally do, so that's on me XD

In any case, I sincerely hopes this page expands your scope of the power scale. This should serve as handy reference later, when characters like Kheil and even Thotzev herself take the field. Im also sincerely looking forward to showcasing more fun weaponry that involves rings X3

PS I kinda want that character in the third panel to have like their own spin off or something. I had a lot of fun with that over the top design lol.