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UPDATE: I just realized that I'm only gonna be able to get one update in before the holiday week, so for the sake of pacing, I'm actually gonna go ahead and wait for January before resuming page updates. The next scene is complicated and it's not fully written, so this'll give me a chance to clean that up. I WILL post art and stuff on those days, so you won't be out of content, and Patrons will also see the new pages as I make them anyway, but this will just be a nice little mental break ^^

Alas, now we say good bye to one of my favorite support cast characters for the time being lol. I really did have a lot of fun with her. But don't worry, i'm sure I'll have plenty of other chances to introduce other vibrant designs that are fun as wel.

Not much to report right now. Have had a healthy amount of work to keep me busy. Will be releasing some fun new content soon. I'm just finalizing the details ^^

I did get rid of the new art bar because it makes me feel bad that it doesn't update often even though I do produce art frequently. I'll find an alternative soon.