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Supercell Comic


TL;DR the comic will now update on Wednesdays instead of twice a week for some time, but pages will still become available on Patreon as I finish them..

Over the past year, or more precisely since chapter 4 started, I've been struggling with the idea that working on the comic has been taking up like 85% of my time. It gets really rough when my job's workload increases for whatever reason and I end up having to juggle meeting both deadlines constantly. It hasn't been too bad, all things considered, but the longer it goes on, the more it stings that because I'm working on just comic pages all the time I'm also not working on anything else I might like to do. For instance, I'd like to do more with that 3D Kheil I made, and maybe also build some of the other characters, maybe do some animations; but I can't because I'm always just writing and making new pages. So, after thinking about it real hard, I've decided that I'm gonna change the comic's update schedule so it comes out once a week instead of twice for a few months (yes, this is temporary )

I know that's a little rough since webcomics take a long time to progress, and mine especially isn't exactly known for its brevity; but this does mean I'll be able to spend just a bit more time on each page and not feel choked by the upcoming deadlines. It also does NOT mean I'll be making the commic all that much slower. I'll still probably be making 1.5 to 3 pages each week and those pages will be available on my Patreon as soon as I get them done. But the point is I'll be able to build a buffer over time and actually give myself a chance to make some of the other cool stuff you guys have been asking for, like merch! Ya know, prints, shirts, maybe 3D printed figurines, who knows? So I really want to emphasize that while the comic will be slowing down a bit (and again, it's temporary ), that'll really give me the chance to not only bring a little variety into what I produce, but you guys will also be seeing a bunch of other fun content coming from me. And once I hit a proper stride in however long that takes, I'll go back to doing two pages, or heck, maybe even THREE pages a week depending on how much back log I end up having after a while, haha. So yeah, that's the story. Onward!