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Good news, everyone! The 3D Kheil rig is complete! It's not quite "finished" but that's because I realized way at the last second that there's a few things I -should- do differently with it because right now it's kinda messy. Either way, the patch up shouldn't be more than a single day's work, but I'll have to hold off on that for a bit because I just got a bunch of tasks from my actual job, so I gotta take care of that first :V

The dest drive, however, was fun! If I have some time today I'll make a quick video to show some of the basic features or something. In any case, fun page! I was especially happy with that center panel. I'm really enjoying these inner mind scenes a lot. They allow for some fun character work without getting all caught up in like architecture and stuff, which is usually what takkes the most time haha.