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I have some big announcements, but as fast as this moment goes, one day you guys will have the tools to translate what they're saying if you so wish, but for now, there's a reason I'm not translating their speech into English XD

I need a break. Like, a real one. I've been trying to wrangle things under control and sometimes it feels like I'm succeeding and then it promptly falls apart for any number of reasons and it's gotten really mentally taxing to keep up with all the work I have to do. It's become clear that taking a month off like I've done in the past just isn't gonna cut it, and I realize that the reason why is because that's not really enough time to lay down the groundwork necessary to build everything else on top of, even though it's theoretically possible. I'm not a machine, despite how much I put myself through the grinder to produce like one, and at this point it's not helping anything.

When I first started the comic, I had a 4 month buffer (and this was the time I was updating twice a week, so that should tell you how much work I'd done ahead of time). I had a full script written for the first book, which ended up changing a bunch over time but the base content was there, a functional work schedule that allowed me to produce content at a steady pace without risking burnout specifically because I had that foundation of work done, but my last term in grad school completely consumed all of that, and ever since then, I've been basically writing the comic a few pages at the time and doing enough work to keep updates happening. It's always a scramble and I'm constantly working under the pressure of the upcoming update deadline and that's just the stress the comic has been putting on me. Nvm all the other stuff ^^;

So, as much as it pains me to do this, I have to put the comic under hiatus, starting when this current scene (which conveniently happens to be the end of the chapter) ends. I'm not gonna let the website sit here to collect dust, though. I fully plan to keep posting art stuff I make during that time, I will absolutely welcome guest comics and fanarts and stuff, but we'll get to that. More importantly, in terms of the comic, is that the first thing I'm gonna do is draw myself up a plan to lay down the foundations of a new work structure like I had way back when. And I'll keep you guys posted on what all is happening, kind of like I did last time, with the progress bars, except instead of giving myself a hard 5 week deadline, I'll take it at my own pace. I honestly don't see this taking longer than a few months, so I'm not worried about the comic dying out or anything like that, but I desperately need to put myself back into a position where I'm in control of the project and I'm doing it because I want to, and I'm excited for it, rather than constantly struggle to hit the update deadlines and have the project control me and my time, ya know?

The good news is that there are things I'll be able to tackle during this time, for instance, I've been working on a Spanish translation for a while, but that got stalled out by way of me being overwhelmed with everything. I'll finally have some time to get that off the ground! Another thing I haven't been able to do with the comic is put conlang eeeeverywhere, and that happened because the original conlang work I did was very superficial and I could only do so much with it before it ceased to be useful. So now I'll be able to properly clean up both of the in-comic languages and then slap them all over the place and even make lore pages on the website about them! Conlang was one of the things I was most excited for in the early comic's worldbuilding, and the fact that that was lost over time made me sad. This is an opportunity for me to bring that back in full form along with a strong buffer and a solid plan for what the rest of the book, and hopefully the comic will be down the line.

All in all, gotta take the good with the bad and the bad with the good, and in this case, I know no one's happy about a comic hiatus, ever, but I'm gonna try my best to keep things interesting while I rebuild my zest for the project. I can only promise that by the time I resume, it'll have shiny new wings and it'll fly like an energy falcon!