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Supercell Comic


Good news everyone! I have finally managed to give myself a working schedule for the comic that I'm actually having an easy time sticking with. For practical purposes, this means I'll be completing pages a lot earlier. My goal is to find just the right amount of time I need every day to make 2+ pages every weeek, and once I have that, not only can the comic return to updating biweekly, but by that time, Patreon will likely have a huge chunk of comic available ahead of time. So, look forward to that X3

Sad fact about this page: The first thing I drew was the big Kheil in that middle panel, which I'm super proud of! But after that, I drew the two bottom ones and my galaxy brain didn't save through all that. So when a crash, unrelated to CSP, made my whole computer go "WHU?ASDFJLSDJF" I ended up losing both of those two panels and it made me so sad X_X. I easily lost like 3 hours worth of work. The good news is that I did keep that middle panel, which I love, but also that redrawing the bottom panels only took like an hour total, probably because my brain had already figured out how to put that together. Which is neat, I guess.

We're about to have some fun!