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Ya know, this snake girl was supposed to just be another background character who just seems to really have it together, but the more I draw her, the more I wish she'd had a bigger role! It's a sure bet that I'm gonna find excuses to bring her back into the foreground sometime purely on how fun she's been.

I took a work break over the past week. I did no art between Thursday and the following Monday. It was great because when I sat down to work it was like ''ah, yes, art!'' but it was also weird because muscle memory wasn't kicking in, at all, so drawing became less about the automated process and more about actively making conscious decisions. This is a good thing, it was just a little scary to have that come up way at the last minute while I was working on comic deadline because it took more time and mental effort than normal. That said, though, it definitely felt like I was more comfortable making certain creative decisions that made the work slightly more streamlined, which is, of course, my jam! I like learning new things lol.