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Aah the peace of mind is finally starting to REALLY settle in. My stress levels have plummeted (You know, except for all the political crap) and I've been able to be productive in areas I'd been neglecting for a long time!

It used to be that throughout the week I'd just be constantly thinking about how comic pages needed to be made because the deadlines were coming up, fast. So even though I had the inclination of making a bunch of stuff, I could only think about what all actually needed to be finished by the time the deadline came around instead of focusing on just making things happen because it's neat and I was excited for it. Ironically, I guess that means that being hyper-productive actually made me less productive in the long run because my priorities were completely out of whack.

So now I'm sharing this bit of wisdom: If you want to have a creative project, give yourself goal posts to hit, but don't make them so restrictive that you can only focus on them rather than the big picture ^^

PS. Lotta art coming to the Goodies page soon. Gonna need to revamp the entire page, too, with how much content there is!