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So the experiment to try and do three pages at once did not yield the desired result. Now, it's entirely possible that it's because I was starting a new scene and had to worry a lot about figuring out the scenery, and the colors and some background character designs, etc. But wow this took a while. I can still get the next two pages done within today and tomorrow, but geesh.

I might try it again next week, depending on how I feel, and if successful I'll try and plan around the new scene bump as I get to them. If it doesn't go too well, at least I'll know three pages is too much for now and can refocus on doing two at once instead. Doing four pages every 9 days is still better than 2 in 7, and can get to my goals faster that way.

Anyway, Fallan and Tarafi are out and about. What kind of shenanigans will they get into!?