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Supercell Comic


Soo, this fun thing happened over the past couple of days. I tried working on two pages at the same time, see if that would help me get them done a little bit faster. turns out, I was right! I sketched both pages on Tuesday, did the lineart and color blocking on Wednesday, and then did all the hands-on color work yesterday. So instead of the four days it would normally take me to get through this, I got done in three. That's really neat!

On top of that, I didn't have to spend whole days working on them. I had plenty of time to go out and do errands, and get other things done (and boy do I have so many things to get done rn). So, hopefully once I've made some headway on a lot of the other stuff, I'll be able to try and do it with three pages and see how that works out. That'd be a real game changer for me, honestly.