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Who's ready for some comics theory education? No? Too bad, I learn better by writing things down, so here we go!

This page reinforced a lesson I feel I should really know better by now. It's good to pull the camera out to show what the area looks like, the characters' positions relative to each other, etc. This scene is a good example of how things can get muddled. The three goons that shot at Tazho look like they're kinda far away because of how I set up their panels, but in the previous page Tazho sliced their guns apart with his wings. This is important because it accidentally implies that Tazho either has crazy reach with his wings, or they are projectiles he can launch from a distance, and neither of these is true.

If I'd pulled the camera back at some point and showed all five characters present, I could have shown that they were all within speaking distance, and thus at maximum threat of adorabirb. Hopefully, I'll actually carry this lesson with me from now on. It's easy to forget sometimes.