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Supercell Comic


Supercell is back! Now with more blue bird!

There are a TON of updates to check out on the site right now! I completely revamped the about page with a far more useful and art filled info page! There's also a shiny new entry in the lore page which a bunch of you have been asking for for a while, and that ALSO has a bunch of fancy new art that I'm super proud of. And as usual, I added a bunch of new art to the goodies page, which you can check out just below in the new art bar. I have a few more things to upload but I'll make them available on comic update days to spread them out nicely.

That break was phenomenal for my general outlook on all the comic things. I have a ton of extra work I've been able to do ahead of time, so I should be able to be more chill as I push things along, which I'm hyped for. I appreaciate you guys hanging in there while I kept delaying the return date, but at the rate I've been getting things done now I'd say it was totally worth it. I am super energized and ready to dive head first into this project once again!