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Big update day today! I must shamelessly admit that I may have used up my buffer a little bit so I could get a certain project done! If you look below (or in the future, go to the goodies page), you'll find a nicely rendered 3D version of Kheil! It's not actually -quite- finished yet, but it's good enough for me to make still renders like this and it's a lotta fun and the hype is real X3

I won't be making much more progress on it this week, though, because since I ate into my buffer, I figured I should take a break from every other project and just do comic pages this week so I can replenish that. Still, it was totally worth it X3

There is also the addition of the Dart War pic I did for Patreon which also came out really fun and I hope you all like it 8D

In other news, Loksan may be in troubl XD