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Well, today was supposed to be a fun day, but sadly we're reminded that really messed up people exist on the planet. If you haven't heard, there was a shooting at a couple of mosques in New Zealand by a psycho who's manifesto and otivations were all aligned with derranged hyper right-wing ideology. I wish I could say this was surprising or shocking, but it isn't. It's happened with enough frequency that the main feeling I associate with it is the impotence to do anything about it. But I will say this. If what I do, my art, comic, animations or public behavior-- anything-- ever starts appealing to people who subscribe to that kind of mentality? Call me out on it. I WILL course correct immediately.

People who believe in any kind of racism, sexism, religious supremacy, xenophobia, or any otherism of any kind are not welcome and will never be welcome on my sphere.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, you may have come here to get away from all that. But that's part of the issue. Some of us -can- get away from it while others are under constant fear that this could come to their door at any given moment. We need to do better.