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Supercell Comic


I'm gonna see if I can get around to making some big uploads next week. I realized there's a crapton of fanart I haven't posted and I feel bad about that ^^; But also there's some new art I've made myself which I really need to get around to putting up. If all goes well this weekend, I should theoretically be able to get right on that!

Anyhoo, this may be one of my favorite pages in the comic so far. Having a chance to just have Kheil let loose and just do fun Khen-Rho crap for shiggles is super cathartic! Partly, I think, it's because I'm writing a story in which all action has to be properly justified somehow, unlike most anime or super hero shows where people just rage and fight each other for largely no reason. And since it's a webcomic, the pacing is even slower. Lately, I've been finding ways to try and make the art more interesting than just ocnversational. Stuff like Kraon's tail spreading everywhere in the previous scene, or that axolotl girl mimmicking his face, for instance! But drawing smoke and fanci magics is soooooo fun from the get go! Also birb, heh.