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  Trapped in a contested valley between the two largest empires on the continent, the Nasriaten Cultural Exchange Academy is one of the few “olive branches” keeping a sixty-year-old cold war from exploding into an apocalypse of battle-magic and railgun fire. Within the sanctuary of its walls (and its top-secret military training program), 16-year-old Kheil Nazuret’s biggest concern is winning back the affections of her father, the school’s icy Headmaster. But when a ghost from her father’s past threatens to kick down the Academy’s door and expose its true purpose, it’s up to Kheil to somehow rally a city of half-trained child soldiers into a fighting force capable of shattering an invasion.

  Supercell is a PG-13ish graphic novel aimed at fans of young adult fiction. It features a wide variety of characters, both literally and figuratively, and the leading cast is handled as a working ensemble even if the story is ultimately about Kheil at its core. Thematically it won't get too dark, but the story will delve into poignant themes like ethics, psychological abuse, socio-political dynamics and ideological dissonance partnered with flashy, climactic magitech battles! And while romance won't be much of a focus at all, there will be plenty of friendship, loyalty, betrayals, disappointment and hopefully all the feels!


  Hi, this is BMBrice, author and illustrator of the Supercell graphic novel! Well, that part is obvious. I do have a fantastic editor who is in no small part responsible for the comic being as polished as it is, but they like their anonimity so I guess the spotlight's on me for now, lol.

  I'm a professional 3D character artist, currently working for a video game company you've never heard of. This comic is my first big personal project and one day I hope I have the resources to do much, much more. I'm an animator at heart, but I chose to do a comic because it seemed like the easier beast to tackle as a solo artist. Not sure I agree with that sentiment anymore, but hey, there's always the future! No, really, at some point I'll start putting out animated shorts of some sort. Just not quite yet heheh.

  If you have any direct questions, you can reach me at Supercellcomic@gmail.com or on the social media platforms listed here.

Commission information

NSFW Commission Policy

I'm not opposed to creating NSFW content. However, I'd also like for my art and general reputation to be accessible to everyone, including minors. So I've come up with a few guidelines to manage those expectations.

- I will not accept NSFW commissions of my comic's characters, with few, if any exceptions at my own discretion.

- I won't be signing the work as myself or personally posting it on my public profiles.

- The work will be published under a pseudonym I will provide so as to prevent undesired search results.

- I don't mind being linked back to if people ask for the commission source, but if possible I ask that you do so discreetly.

- This is more of a content oriented issue than a visibility one, but I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason without explaining myself.


I've gotten a few inquiries about this, so I figured I'd add a section here that addresses that directly. Please note that some of the points below are personal suggestions and I cannot enforce any kind of code of conduct outside of my direct sphere of influence.

Is it ok to share official Supercell art around?

Sure! And while I won't require it, I wouldd certianly appreciate linking back here if you do, or at least be willing to let poeple know how to find me if they ask.

Is it ok to make fan art/fiction/music etc?

Definitely! I'm always thrilled to hear that people like Supercell enough to make fan works. So feel free to create to your hearts' content!

If you do make some, feel free to contact me about it. I might end up hosting it on the website (with proper credit, of course). Do note that in the interest of keeping the website accessible to all audiences, I can't host NSFW arts.

Is it ok to commission/do commissions of Supercell content?

Go for it! Generally speaking, I'll only have an issue with it is if someone starts trying to claim Supercell as their own. Other than that, though, it's all good!

Is it ok to ship your characters even if they're non-canonical?

You're free to ship whatever you like, but I ask that you respect other people's ships as well. Harassing anyone for shipping characters other than your preferred ones is bad. End of discussion.

Additionally, ''canon'' just means something that's directly referenced in the comic, so even if I condoned or refuted a personal preference for ships (I won't) they wouldn't really be ''canon,'' just word of god.

Is it ok to use your characters in roleplay?

Sure, knock yourself out, lol.

Is it ok for fan content to be NSFW?

I'm fine with it. If the comic ever gets famous it's gonna happen anyway, might as well not lose sleep over it, haha. I only ask that the work be appropriately tagged and kept out of the hands of minors to the best of your ability. Use your best judgment.