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Supercell Comic


Ladies, gentlemen and everyone else who isn't either. You know him! You (hopefully) love him! He's tall, purple, handsome and is everyone's best friend! Oooooooz!

I know that was a big break between updates but it's because I got wamped with work from my job and also I really wanted to finally finish this and put it out there for you guys to enjoy!

As of right now, this rig is available to download at my Gumroad page, along with the Kheil and Lord Dominator rigs I did before. But you can also just grab a free copy from my Dropbox

And you can bet I'm gonna make Al sometime soon and complete the set, haha.

So, quick update on the state of things. I'm still doing writing stuff for the comic and it's coming along nicely! I pitched a bunch of ideas on how to execute certain concepts and my editor got real hyped about it. Look forward to finding out what that is!