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Supercell Recap contest!!

Alright, it's time to announce the winner of the contest!! In case you missed it at the beginning of the week, a reader suggested I use a certain image to hold a recaption contest. Each contestant could submit up to three entries for a chance to win a free sketch from yours truly!

At first I wasn't sure how the winner would be determined, since there was a handful of funny ones that made me chuckle. But late in the contest I got one submission that genuinely made me cackle, and the contest was decided then.

Since the initial decision was so difficult to realize, I decided to also prize the runner ups with simpler sketches, like a bust shot of a character or something on that scale. The winners will be contacted through whatever method they used to submit their entries, so you don't have to do anything on your end. Now, without further ado, the entries!

The winner

Now, I know that to some of you this might seem mundane and you might be wondering why this one in particular. But besides the fact that some of the other good ones were submitted multiple times by multiple people and cancelled each other out, this one put a very specific mental picture in my head, which my most excellent friend Lewis illustrated for us once I described it to her XD

I still can't get over the mental picture of Kraon downing a tub of ice cream in front of his kids like... dude XD

The Runner Ups

Here are the other handful of good ones that I got a chuckle out of and spiritedly competed for top spot until that one came along.

Hopefully you can see why I find these funny. If not, just realize that I have my own sense of humor just like everyone has theirs lol. And now it's time to look at

ALL the entries!!

(These are alphabetically arranged)
















Rotten Ribcage



Phew, those were a lot of entries and a lot of them were pretty great. The first pass I did of this I actually missed one person's entries, so please, I missed yours let me know so I can post it too X_X. I wasn't expecting even half of what I got so I'm flying right now! Totally looking forward to doing more of these in the future, so keep an eye out for those X3.

I'm gonna keep this page up for maybe a couple of weeks in case anyone feels like revisiting it. Good night friends! (Yes I know it's 9am right now, hush)